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Travel Netflixs Hastings makes the case for Net neutrality

Volvo have been responsible for some of the greatest advancements in car safety. We list off the top ways theyve kept you safe today, even if you dont drive one.


Hastings, along with many other Web site operators, most likely fears that if Net neutrality isnt adhered to, ISPs could raise costs across the board. 织梦好,好织梦

Dara Kerr, a freelance journalist based in the Bay Area, is scinated by robots, supercomputers and Internet memes. When not writing about technology and modernity, she likes to travel to r-off countries. See full bio 织梦好,好织梦

Saving your life at speed and in style 织梦内容管理系统

While Hastings has been clear about his support for Net neutrality, Comcast also says it strongly believes in an open Internet. copyright dedecms

Providers like Netflix have always paid for their interconnection to the Internet and have always had ample options to ensure that their customers receive an optimal performance through all ISPs at a ir price, he continued. We are happy that Comcast and Netflix were able to reach an amicable, market-based solution to our interconnection issues and believe that our agreement demonstrates the effectiveness of the market as a mechanism to deal with these matters. 织梦内容管理系统

There has been no company that has had a stronger commitment to openness of the Internet than Comcast, Comcasts executive vice president, David L. Cohen, said in a statement. We supported the FCCs Open Internet rules because they struck the appropriate balance ween consumer protection and reasonable network management rights for ISPs. 本文来自织梦

Last month, Netflix made a deal with Comcast to pay for direct access to its broadband network. Under the so-called paid peering deal, which was deemed mutually beneficial, Netflix will be allowed to connect directly to Comcasts network instead of going through intermediaries, as it formerly did.


The deal ween the two companies came shortly after Comcast announced a $ billion deal for Time Warner Cable, a merger that,黑榜3之九龙夺嫡 if approved, could create a cable empire serving million customers across the country.


Without strong Net neutrality, big ISPs can demand potentially escalating fees for the interconnection required to deliver high quality service, Hastings wrote. The big ISPs can make these demands -- driving up costs and prices for everyone else -- because of their market position. For any given US household, there is often only one or two choices for getting high-speed Internet access and thats unlikely to change. Furthermore, Internet access is often bundled with other services it challenging to switch ISPs. It is this lack of consumer choice that leads to the need for strong Net neutrality.

In his ongoing battle against big ISPs, like Comcast, AT& stronger form of Net neutrality is required, Hastings wrote. Strong Net neutrality additionally prevents ISPs from charging a toll for interconnection to services like Netflix, YouTube, or Skype, or intermediaries such as Cogent, Akamai, or Level , to deliver the services and data requested by ISP residential subscribers. Instead, they must provide sufficient access to their network without charge.

copyright dedecms

The two companies have for years been locked in a dispute over the cost of delivering Netflix streams to customers over Comcasts broadband network. While Netflix wanted to connect to Comcasts network for free, the cable giant sought compensation for the heavy traffic that Netflix users generate, arguing that it costs the company a lot to deliver Internet video.


In recent months, the dispute appeared to be heating up, with suggestions that Comcast customers were seeing their connections to Netflix degraded. Netflix released data earlier this year that showed the average Netflix streaming speed declined percent since October. copyright dedecms

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