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Star Apps Phantogram


Electronic rock duo Phantogram is named after an optical illusion that makes D images appear D, but the talents of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter are plain to see and hear. I chatted with Carter about the twosomes most recent album, Voices, the meanings behind some of their most heartfelt lyrics, keeping their almost -year friendship alive, and his vorite apps. 织梦内容管理系统

Lucy is an imaginary character that we made up. When I was writing When Im Small, there was a rat infestation in the barn we were recording in. We started writing about one of these rats crawling around the walls, and it just became part of our lyrics. Theres definitely multiple meanings to the lyric, so its not to be taken literally. 本文来自织梦

I imagine that you brought the character back because she remains important to you. Will she be back for the third album? 本文来自织梦

I always liked how the Beatles had recurring characters. In Glass Onion John Lennon sings about the walrus. I thought that since Voices is a continuation of what we do as artists, I just wanted to shake hands with Eyelid Movies with the opening of the record, like heres the next thing were releasing. So its a tip of the hat to the first record.


A lot of your lyrics tackle pretty heavy issues. From where do you draw your inspiration? copyright dedecms

The lyrics definitely come from a darker place, but generally when we write, theyre about real-life experiences. Our songs are pretty much about the basic human condition, and life, love, and death -- just the complexity of life, really.


The song My Only Friend sounds so incredibly personal. I took it to be about a friend who dies of cancer. 内容来自dedecms

Yeah, it is a deeply personal song for both me and Sarah. Its about a relationship, but I would prefer our listeners to connect lyrics to their own lives. I always liked listening to songs and having my own interpretation and adaptation of what those lyrics meant to me. There were times Id read an interview with an artist I might like, and the artist would explain a song, and it was like now every time I hear this song, Ill be thinking about the artists real meaning, which kinda ruins it. Then again, sometimes its cool to know what a song is about, like Perfect Day by Lou Reed, which is about heroin and is very powerful. 织梦内容管理系统

You have a track called Bill Murray. What keeps him so relevant?


I just think Bill Murray has become an archetypal figure in peoples lives, and theres just something about him that everybody loves. Theres a humanity that anyone can relate to. In his acting he explores all the emotions in life, serious and comedic. He is the character that everyone can see some of themselves in.

Fall in love with Phantogram:

What makes it interesting is that it makes a lot of music feel more complete. It has the spectrum of masculinity and femininity in it, and I think thats compelling to a lot of listeners.


You and Sarah became friends in junior high school?

Yeah, we knew each other most of our lives. We went to nursery school together. But in junior high we became really good friends. Weve been friends for years now. 织梦内容管理系统

Whats so amazing about Sarah?


Shes awesome. Shes funny and has a great personality. Shes the person who everyone loves when they meet her. Theres just something about her that people are drawn to. Its really hard to dislike Sarah Barthel.


What drew Sarah to you?


Ive heard her in interviews say she always thought I was a really cool dude. Were into a lot of the same things. Artistically were like psychic twins with a very similar vision of what we wanna do. We have similar personalities.


Its always hard to travel, even with your closest friends. How do you keep things peaceful on the road? 织梦内容管理系统

Id be lying if I said wed never fought. There are definitely moments on tour where things can be very stressful. But people are surprised by how well we get along. We rarely fight, and were grateful for what we do. We constantly remind ourselves how cool and interesting of a life we have together, and that keeps good vibes going.


The film When Harry Met Sally suggested that a straight man and woman could never have a purely platonic relationship. What are your thoughts on that? 本文来自织梦

I definitely see that its possible. Ive had girlfriends that have had a problem with it and didnt really understand that I could be that close to Sarah without something physical going on. I think its that we know each other for so long, so shes like my sister. I have a real biological sister, but shes like my second sister. 内容来自dedecms

After years, Phantogram members Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel have certainly debunked the When Harry Met Sally myth about male-female friendship.


What is your vorite social media app?


My personal vorite is Instagram. Sarah handles our Twitter account, and I hardly post anything on Facebook. I love Instagram, because a picture is worth a thousand words. I love looking at pictures of other peoples lives. I just find it a lot more interesting than getting their opinion about something. I dont give a s--- what Justin Bieber has to say about anything on Twitter. So why should people care what I have to say? But bands that I like, I like to see what theyre up to.


What are your top five mobile apps?


. Instagram, because on tour it can get kinda lonely, so I can see what friends and mily are up to. 内容来自dedecms

Josh RotterJosh Rotter is a staff writer for Download

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