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MasterCard to boost credit card security with smartphones Tr

Lots of times credit cards are declined when people use them in foreign countries without notifying their banks they are traveling. MasterCards smartphone geolocation feature would also avoid this issue.


MasterCard and Syniverse partner on new plan to boost credit card security with smartphones.

Using geolocation data, the credit card company proposes a plan that will only allow card transactions when a users smartphone is within close proximity. 织梦内容管理系统

With hacks, stolen credit card data, and identify fraud constantly on the rise, some credit card companies are looking into how to ter beef up security. copyright dedecms

In October, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express announced a partnership to create a new digital payment technology that would increase the security of payments via Web sites and mobile products by using a digital token. MasterCard has also worked on projects like the MasterPass system, which addresses all forms of digital transactions.


It seems MasterCard and Syniverses new plan is a half step toward digital wallets, which have been on the rise the past couple of years. It appears many major credit card companies are on the path to one day offer users a way to pay for items with only a smartphone. copyright dedecms

Along with the amped up security, MasterCard will also offer travelers prepaid data packages in order to ensure their smartphones GPS is turned on without incurring expensive roaming fees. 织梦好,好织梦

Currently, MasterCard and Syniverses smartphone security plan is still in a pilot-phase; when it does roll out,见证双虹 it will be an opt-in service.


Dara KerrDara Kerr, a freelance journalist based in the Bay Area, is scinated by robots, supercomputers and Internet memes. When not writing about technology and modernity, she likes to travel to r-off countries. 内容来自dedecms

This collaboration of two global technology leaders opens up a whole new range of possibilities for end users, ensuring a seamless pMasterCard to boost credit card security with smartphones Travelayment and mobile experience, MasterCard president of Global Strategic Alliances Hany Fam said in a statement. By leveraging the speed and intelligence of our global network and combining it with geolocation solutions, we are enabling your MasterCard to uniquely work where you and your phone are, anywhere in the world.

The idea is that a users credit card cannot be used unless it is within close range of their cell phone. For instance, if someone is traveling in Mexico, but their card is supposedly swiped in Canada, the transaction will be declined.


MasterCard announced Tuesday that it has partnered with mobile technology company Syniverse to make it more difficult for unauthorized users to buy goods with nabbed credit cards. While working to heighten credit card security is nothing new, MasterCards most recent plan is a bit different because it involves users smartphone geolocation while theyre traveling abroad. 织梦好,好织梦

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