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View CPU utilization and other performance information Perfo

Use the Performance tab in Task Manager to see how your computers CPU is being used by and other programs running on your computer.


The top two graphs show how much CPU is being used, both at the moment and for the past few minutes. (If the CPU Usage History graph appears split, your computer either has multiple CPUs, a single dual-core CPU, or both.) 本文来自织梦

A high percentage means that the programs or processes that are running require a lot of CPU resources, which can slow your computer. If the percentage appears frozen at or near 100%, then a program might not be responding. For more information, see Exit a program that isnt responding.


To view advanced information about CPU utiliView CPU utilization and other performance information Performancezation, at the bottom of the Performance tab, click .  If youre prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Resource Monitor shows information similar to that shown in Task Manager, but with more details. For more information about Resource Monitor when youre using it, click , and then click .

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