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Star Apps Sal Vulcano of Impractical Jokers Performance

. GroupMe is a great app for keeping in touch with friends simultaneously through a chat-room-type situation. I only have one group. Its called Boys Night Out, and it consists of myself and Jay, Jokes, Joe, and Tim. We have so many laughs!

As r as the graffiti, lets be honest: Peoples first instinct is to draw a penis. I would not want that. Ill take two penises.


Sal Vulcano, one-fourth of the Impractical Jokers team, chats about the hit series, his most intimidating prank, and his vorite apps.


You have known each other since high school?

Start with four high school friends and improv veterans from Staten Island -- Brian Q Quinn, James Murr Murray, Joseph Joe Gatto, and Salvatore Sal Vulcano -- whove been playing pranks on each other for years. Then give them a TV show so they can embarrass each other on-air, and you get Impractical Jokers. The hidden-camera show, now in its third season, has been tickling viewers funny bones since its debut in and returns with a special Bigger in Texas episode on Thursday, March , on truTV. I chatted with Sal Vulcano, the Mr. Sensitive of the bunch, about whats to come this season, his camaraderie with his cast members, his most intimidating prank and the prank hed never pull, and his vorite apps. copyright dedecms

. Yelp is something I use that has proven very helpful in locating restaurants and bars, on the fly, and reading peoples experiences to see if the place is for me.


Do you ever use the truTV Impractical Jokers app? copyright dedecms

The first thing I ever purchased with a credit card was a robe for my grandma from Sears, in .


How do you distinguish yourself from the other cast members? What word would you use to describe each of you? 织梦内容管理系统

What would you like your ns to know about you that we dont already?

Whats coming up for you this season?


How did the Tenderloins and Impractical Jokers come about in the first place?

I wont kill anyone, even if its hysterical. Its still too much. copyright dedecms

. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -- Ill group these together. I like these for the obvious reasons. I use them often,混血王子cristian and they help me to keep up with people and events and to communicate. Also, I like to judge people, and see what all of my exes are doing. 内容来自dedecms

The guys and I met freshman year of high school. Years later, after we finished college, we formed the Tenderloins comedy troupe. Weve been doing that for years. Impractical Jokers was one of the Tenderloins many comedic ventures.

copyright dedecms

I could have mentioned it in the last answer, but that would make me look ridiculous. I have used it! I think its a lot of fun. The team that makes the app does a lot of things to keep it fresh and relevant and filled with new content. I think it was a well-thought-out companion for ns of our show.


The cast of Impractical Jokers (Vulcano, second from left) love each other laugh. 织梦内容管理系统

What are your top five mobile apps?


Theres a feature where you get to graffiti over your vorite cast member. What would you not want someone to graffiti on you?


to be exact. A long time to know anyone, never mind being with them /. Usually if you are with someone /, its your significant other and theres involved. We dont have the , so its difficult. Joe tends to be loud -- like very loud -- in public, no matter where we go, in order to embarrass me. It doesnt sound bad, but its all the time and for years. Its bad.


Heres how Apple wants you to use your iPhone in the car. Is the CarPlay-equipped Ferrari out of your reach? Dont worry -- Honda and Hyundai are on board, too.

Youve pulled some crazy pranks on the show. Which was the most intimidating to pull off?


Are there any pranks that you would never pull?


Thank you so much! I think that whatever success we have garnered thus r can be attributed to our extremely dedicated n base and the freedom for Q and I to be ourselves -- uninhibited and uned. Not ed in a bad way, but the podcast is whatever we want it to be at any time. Very few things that are made creatively for mass consumption can achieve that. Podcasts have brought that back to people. We love doing it. I hope it shows. copyright dedecms

I dont try to distinguish myself, but it naturally happens. I would say, if I had to choose one word for myself, Im thefunniestmanalive. And for the other guys: Joe is arrogant, Q is arrogant, and Murr is arrogant.


Arguably, the scariest thing I have done on the show was having to crash a wedding and give a speech/toast to the bride and groom that was written by the other guys.


Season of Impractical Jokers has episodes. I think that may be illegal. Lots of fun new things. We try hard to reinvent the show and the process constantly, and we have fun doing it. I hope that fun is contagious. We also have a new television show tentatively titled Jokers Wild, premiering in summer/ll. Its a studio show featuring the Tenderloins. Well be doing sketches, showing videos, messing with an audience, and having guests. Its kind of like a variety show. We also are working on a book, and we tour the country each weekend and perform live comedy. You can check all of this out on our website I also purchased a jewelry- class off LivingSocial and plan to make a ring to give to my mom.

. Stitcher streams podcasts for free. Its quick, easy, and I love it. 本文来自织梦

Congratulations on your recent podcast award. How do you explain the success of the What Say You podcast? 织梦好,好织梦

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