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Performance A deeper dive with the LG G Pro s camera

Users will have to select the Magic Focus mode prior to shooting, so you cant go back to all your past pictures in your gallery and start refocusing-away at your leisure. After you snap a picture, the device will take a few seconds to render the image. You can then choose which area to focus by either tapping different objects in the photo itself, or using a meter on the right side of the screen. You can also bring the whole image in focus. 本文来自织梦

In this animation above, you can see four focus options: One where the closest action figure, Superwoman, is in focus; another where Power Ring in green is in focus; another where Owlman, Johnny Quick, and Ultraman are the sharpest; and lastly, where all objects are in focus. After you make your choice, you can save by tapping the disk icon on the upper right. (Ultimately, we decided to focus all objects to prevent jealousy among these supervillians.) copyright dedecms

Another camera feature lets you take a photo and adjust its focus and depth of field. LG calls this Magic Focus, and weve seen this previously in a number of Nokia Lumia phones (like the , for example). The Samsung Galaxy S will also have something similar (called Selective Focus), and it wouldnt surprise me if the next HTC One included it as well, as it is a popular editing tool. 织梦内容管理系统

Of course, sometimes choosing the best photo isnt always clear cut. The flash for the G Pro renders colors, including skin tone, more true-to-life, and it leaves the blue scarf looking more vibrant. The photo on the right, while more yellow, looks a bit warmer. I personally prefer the G Pro s picture, but both our photo subjects actually liked the G Flexs rendition ter. (Again, click here to see the above pictures at their full resolutions on the G Pro and the G Flex.) 织梦内容管理系统

In the photo on the left, more details can be seen in the flowers and leaves, as well as the text displayed on the book spines. The flash on the G Flex (right), on the other hand, blows out the lettering and washes away some of the flower petals. (Click here to see the above pictures at their full resolutions on the G Pro and the G Flex.)


Overall, the LG G Pro s camera is very nimble, and these editing features were executed quickly due to the powerful hardware inside. I dont see myself using all these extra tools in my everyday life, but theyre easy to access and useful for anyone who wants to take the time to tinker with their cameraphones. Feel free to let us know what you think of the photos, as well as the handset itself, in the reader comments below. 本文来自织梦

Rarely does a front-cing camera get any love, and theres a reason for that -- they usually take awful photos. While the G Pro s -megapixel camera essentially isnt any ter than what weve seen before,再生之猎艳天下 it does come with a ux flash for taking selfies. When you tap on the flash icon, the screen displays a small preview window surrounded by a thick white border, which helps to brighten up your portrait.

copyright dedecms

The LG G Pro delivers plenty of power, a huge and lovely screen, and a feature-packed camera, but the Galaxy Note s stylus and superior styling give it the edge. Read full review 本文来自织梦

The G Pro is the first LG handset to be equipped with a ChromaFlash from Qualcomm. It promises more natural, even lighting when taking photos in dimmer environments. To compare its effect, I used another top-tier LG phone, the G Flex, which also has a -megapixel camera.

But the phone also sports some serious camera chops under its belt as well. Giving the G Pro a -megapixel rear-cing camera and -megapixel front shooter, LG also introduced new photo and video editing features that werent seen before in any of its previous high-end devices. Below, we explore four of the handsets camera features, which include a front-cing flash simulator, Magic Focus, slow-motion recording, and its new Qualcomm ChromaFlash.

copyright dedecms

(Please note that due to our own video processing, we were unable to upload the raw footage files directly from the device. The footage you see above is video playback on the G Pro captured by our own studio cameras.)

Its been a month since LGs massive .-inch G Pro launched in Korea, and the device has been slowly gaining traction with further roll outs in other Asian countries including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although no information has been released about its potential availability in Europe and US, we were able to review the unlocked handset here in our San Francisco offices, and were impressed by its sharp p screen and ultra st quad-core performance.


In addition to recording K Ultra HD video, the -megapixel camera can also record in slow-motion video at FPS. Video resolution will change to p and there wont be any audio with your recording. However, during playback you can choose to view the video at half speed or quarter speed. You can also shoot video at a sped-up rate (I suppose for fun, Yakety Sax-playing Benny Hill home videos).

Packing a -megapixel shooter on its backside, the G Pro features plenty of photo and video tools to keep you shutterbuggin along. 内容来自dedecms

Mothers Day is right around the corner and CNET has great gift ideas for your tech-savvy mom! 织梦内容管理系统

From the photos above, you can see that pictures still look grainy, with low-resolution and a noticeable amount of digital noise. However, the bottom photo has much more even lighting, and my skin tone looks more natural looking. The white wall behind me is also warmer, and less cold looking. 织梦内容管理系统

CNETs Mothers Day Tech Gift Guide 内容来自dedecms

Lynn La is CNETs associate editor for cell phone and smartphone news and reviews. Prior to coming to CNET, she wrote for the Sacramento Bee and was a staff editor at Macworld. In addition to covering technology, she has reported on health, science, and politics. See full bio


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