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Chevelle Vena Sera


Artist: Chevelle

Album: Vena Sera


Release Date: April , copyright dedecms

Label: Epic Records copyright dedecms

I dont know what it is about me, but sometimes when a band has put out a few albums I start to expect a let down. By the time Vena Sera came out, I was expecting Chevelle to finally let me down. They had three very good albums under their belt, three staples in my bro rock belt. I typically dont go for mainstream radio rock and I would even argue that Chevelle is r from the typical radio rock theyre often lumped in with, but I wont head down that argument trail, so for now Ill just leave em where they lie because there is no denying by the time this album dropped I loved Chevelle.


That said, in certain ways this album was a let down. Thats to be expected since the last album was nearly perfect for me. For starters, I hated to see the departure of the rd brother, Joe. I doubt he had that huge of a part in the writing process because the songs are all still pretty much the same, I just loved the idea of brothers in a band. Im pretty sure you really have to love what you do to stick it out on the same job with your brothers. Its nothing against Dean.


So as the album kicks off, were good. Antisaint is a great song. Braniac is another song Id put in my Top Chevelle songs list. Ok, were great I think. Not quite. Even though this album contains the driving force Chevelle I love, in ct this may be their heaviest album. I feel like somethings missing at times, it doesnt really happen till the latter half. Thats not to say I dont like the album, I listen to it often as its quite good for the car stereo. Maybe they werent meshing with the new member % yet, maybe its the rd Chevelle album that sounds pretty much the same and by the time you release so many albums you start aping your own sounds and it feels tired. 内容来自dedecms

Again, dont get me wrong. There are plenty of great songs on here, most of them in the first half and I Get It. If youre a n of any of the earlier albums, this one it more than worth owning as its basically the same. In ct, many people may call this a must own staple in Chevelles catalog and Im perfectly fine with that. Its heavy, its driving, its st, I listen to it all the time, its just that when a band releases this many good albums they cant all be .

copyright dedecms

Favorite Songs: Antisaint through Humanoid and I Get It


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john[at]shorthandedstudio[dot]com copyright dedecms

All Content, - John Holcomb for Shorthanded 织梦内容管理系统


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