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Florida P

FastFast access to Florida public record sources at the state level. copyright dedecms

Additional Florida public records links can be found on our Florida county and city level pages using the navigation links above.

copyright dedecms

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File a consumer complaint with the State of Florida Office of the Attorney General online including information about fraud and scams. 织梦内容管理系统

View Florida Auditor General reports covering state agencies, district school boards, colleges and non-profit organizations.


View Florida Joint Coastal and Environmental Resource pending, issued, and expired permits by county. 内容来自dedecms

View State of Florida information about business licenses including business registration, selecting a location, tax registration, and more. 本文来自织梦

Search Florida business, contractor and professional licenses by name, license number, city or county, or license type.


View Florida Department of States candidate tracking system for information about candidate status, campaign finance activity, personal photos and contact information. 织梦好,好织梦

Search Florida Department of Law Enforcement database of career offenders by name, region, county, city, zip code, or address.


Florida statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. From the U.S. Census Bureau. 本文来自织梦

Search for licensed child care providers in Florida for licensing information and inspection history. 织梦好,好织梦

View addresses of some locations in Florida where law enforcement agencies reported they found chemicals or other items that indicated the presence of either clandestine drug laboratories or dumpsites. 本文来自织梦

Search the Florida Department of Environmental Protections contamination locator map to locate sites currently under the DEPs cleanup oversight. Users may also sign up for email notification alerts.

copyright dedecms

View State of Florida information about contractor licenses including online application by profession or business.


Search Florida corporations, trademarks, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, fictitious names, judgment liens, and federal lien registrations.

Links to state and local court records, general Florida court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in Florida.


View listings and photos of the most wanted persons of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Miami Field Division.

View Florida death row roster, execution list, death row notables, women on death row, active death warrants, general cts, and statistics. 内容来自dedecms

Search the Florida Defense Lawyers Association membership database by name, firm, county, or zip code.


Florida employers who hire Florida residents to work in the state of Florida must abide by the Federal FCRA 本文来自织梦

View information about Florida environmental health programs, including drinking water quality, inspection of public pools and sewage treatment and disposal systems, beach water monitoring, hazardous waste site investigation, and vector control. 本文来自织梦

View permit applications currently under review within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. 本文来自织梦

View information about Florida environmental protection programs, including regulation of air and water pollution, wetlands and shorelines, hazardous waste cilities, power plants, natural gas pipelines, state lands, and geological resources including permit under review. 织梦内容管理系统

Search Florida Office of Financial Regulation for licensed banks, credit unions, collection agencies, consumer finance companies, mortgage brokers, and finance companies. 本文来自织梦

Search this Florida state pension database for information on pensions providing annual benefits greater than $,. The name of the retiree is not included due to privacy laws. 织梦好,好织梦

Search Florida salary information from all executive branch agencies, the state courts system, the lottery, and the Justice Administration Commission, including the state attorney and public defenders. Payroll information is also available for state university employees. copyright dedecms

View government employment opportunities with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Department. 本文来自织梦

View list of hazardous waste sites in Florida by site number including FLD number, status, site name, address and site category.

View Florida Highway Patrols most wanted fugitives and most wanted for identity theft by name including photos. 内容来自dedecms

View Florida interactive survey map, early land records, water boundary maps, orthophoto imagery, digital imagery, and other mapping data.


Search Florida Department of Corrections offender records, including absconders and fugitives, escaped inmates, released inmates, and supervised population.


Search Florida official records, including land documents, UCC financing statements, marriage records, death certificates, court s, judgements, liens, plats, and military discharges. Search by name, document type, date range, instrument number and location.

Search the State Archives of Florida for state and local government records, photos, and historical manuscripts. copyright dedecms

Search Florida statutes, view the state constitution, and all laws, resolutions, and memorials passed during a legislative session. 织梦内容管理系统

Search Florida stolen vehicles by vehicle identification number, license plate number, or owner applied number.


Search the Florida Unidentified Decedents database for information about those found dead in Florida whose identities remain unknown. 织梦好,好织梦

View Florida voter registration and election information including voter status, campaign finance, special elections and more.

Terms 内容来自dedecms

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