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Its gonna be very explosive and very exciting. Its nice that we get to share the tour with people we know are going to put on an amazing show as well. That alone is going to make our tour so much fun for Paramore and Fall Out Boy ns.

Speaking of transitions, how did the band survive the departure of brothers Josh and Zac Farro?


Almost a decade after releasing breakthrough album All We Know Is Falling, Paramores star continues to rise. The three-time Grammy-nominated rock groups latest album, Paramore (), debuted at No. on Billboard and has already spawned two top singles, Still Into You and Aint It Fun. Paramore co-headlines with Fall Out Boy for this summers Monumentour, kicking off June in Hartford, Connecticut. I chatted with lead vocalist Hayley Williams as she prepared to hit the road.


I use the Disney World app. I went on a vacation with my boyfriend for New Years, and you can literally put everything on your wristband, and it connects to this app. Thats super nerdy, but you can check it out.


When we talk about it, its about being an escape or a source of strength or an impact. If were not getting on a stage or connecting with people, looking at them in the eyes and them feel known, were missing the point of why were in a band. We wanna be entertainers and play to the best of our abilities, but sometimes its more important whats in ween the songs. Sometimes I talk too much, but its important to know who an artist is. When ns come to a show, we dont know what youre leaving behind or going home to -- it could be the best thing or the worst thing -- so we want them to know that they are known, seen, and important to us. They made a huge difference to our lives, so we want them to know they are important to us, too.

What do you hope ns take away from your show?


Yeah, we redefined it in the sense that its not as narrow of a path. We broadened our horizons, broke through whatever ceiling was there, and discovered that we dont have to meet anyones expectations. We always have to be good -- and be ter than we were before, the next time around. But its whatever we are at any given time, and there are no rules anymore. I could never make another album under the same restraints we put on ourselves before we made Paramore. copyright dedecms

Im really into photography apps, because Im pretty active on social media, where I like to post a lot of pictures and stuff from our tour. Ive used Afterlight for a long time, which is by r my vorite. I also use Line camera, because I have a friend who released a stamp pack on the Line app, so I downloaded it specifically for her, so I can put her cool little doodles and things on our pictures.

copyright dedecms

Once we did all that, lived life together as friends and did a couple tours together, then it was time to do the record. That took baby steps. I remember going over to [guitarist] Taylor [York]s home studio a few times when there was no electricity. A lot of times we left discouraged. But then Proof happened, and that was the spark that we needed, and then Last Hope and Grow Up happened. It was so important to encourage one another and feel that fire again that we felt years ago when we first started playing music. The process of the album was a discovery process. We didnt have a specific style or concept in mind. We just said, Lets just be whatever were gonna be. No matter what a song sounds like, whos to say that that cant be on the album? We make the rules this time around.


Its possible, but I wouldnt really suggest it. For the last however many years that weve been on Twitter, Ive found that its so important to connect with our ns. You dont have the time to sit down and write a really deep blog like I did when I was or . For me, characters -- thats pretty easy to let people know whats going on in the moment,酒旗舫迅捷影视 and I love that I can post photos, edit photos outside of the app, and update them. I think for the kind of band we are in this stage in our career, it would be pretty detrimental if we didnt have that.


Once we were down two band members, not only did we have to go through the emotional processing of all that, the anger and the grief and some bewilderment, we realized that we still wanted to make music, and that [their departure] didnt change the way we felt about Paramore. That took time, really a valiant effort to get to know each other again as people. Wed usually hang out at [bassist] Jeremy [Davis]s, cause he lives out in the country, and watch tons of movies or cook a meal. I remember it was a snowstorm, and Jeremys friends built this couch sled, and we spent the whole day sledding down the hill on this massive couch. That was wild. It was important for that stuff to happen before we got into a studio.

Josh RotterJosh Rotter is a staff writer for Outside of fine-tuning copy, Josh enjoys viewing classic films, attending live music events, taking marathon walks, and preparing Cordon Bleu-caliber cuisine. 织梦好,好织梦

What can you tell us about the tour with Fall Out Boy? copyright dedecms

Could a band exist in without relying on social media?

copyright dedecms

What are your top five mobile apps for the road? copyright dedecms

I am an avid Yelp user, because were always in a different city, and were always looking for food. So Im always trying to find good vegetarian food or vegan food, or cool little cafes where we can hang out and work or just hang out and do mily dinners.

This one, by r, has just shocked all of us. Its a song we took a huge risk on, and were so excited by it. I grew up listening to a lot of R&B and pop and soul, so it was cool to be able to write a song that infuses that energy into what we do as a band. There was so much fun and passion, and I hope you can hear that and people connect to that energy. The message is sarcastic and hopefully inspiring enough for younger people who might be entering the world on their own. I know it helped me get through a transitional phase in my life.


For the summer tour I have to take lots of sunscreen, cause Im the palest person on the ce of the planet. I bring that, candles, cause if I can bring a candle from home, the smell of it in our dressing room reminds me of home and helps me to relax. Also, I dont like bright lights, so if I can turn down the lights and put candles on, thats nice. And my Vitamix, so I can make smoothies and green juices and stuff.

copyright dedecms

Were you surprised that a funky single like Aint It Fun would become your biggest hit? 本文来自织梦

I love to hate social media apps. I have become an inactive Instagram user, but I cant get away from Twitter. I have tried to get away from it and have said so many times that Im going to quit all social media, but I cant stop. So if I didnt include that in my top five, Id be lying to you. 织梦内容管理系统

Paramore tours with Fall Out Boy this summer. 本文来自织梦

Would you say that you redefined the band in that time period?

Paramores Hayley Williams chats about the Monumentour with Fall Out Boy, the latest album, recovering from member losses, the importance of social media, and her vorite apps. 织梦好,好织梦

Heres how Apple wants you to use your iPhone in the car. Is the CarPlay-equipped Ferrari out of your reach? Dont worry -- Honda and Hyundai are on board, too. copyright dedecms

What are the three things you pack for every tour?


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