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Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods

Certainly, during a career in foods there have been many references and bibliographies developed by any academican. The reference resources, are a compilation of a number of these bibliographies. Certainly, in all instances, researchers should go to the original resources. The references are a mixture focused in the science of foods and of food and culture. Included is a compilation of the titles of articles in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association from the first volumFoodse to those volumes available on the web by the organization. copyright dedecms

Finally, a number of recipes are included. The compilation of the oyster recipes was done through a product development project. It was done for an Oregon oyster rm here in Oregon. The Moms Recipes includes a variety of old and time-honored recipes from a variety of resources which were in the webbers Mothers recipe file. The Oregon State University recipes were used in the beginning foods courses, both on-line and on-campus, and in meal management.


A original and interview on South African is available on this site. The , Magoro Magdeline, Beryl Zondagh. . A Perspective of South African Foods and Food Habits Nutrition. E-Campus. Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR ,USA is available. A document file with higher resolution is also available for download.


The study of the science of foods has been a longtime interest and professional endeavor of this webber. With this enjoyment of teaching, the science of foods for the beginning student was developed. FOOD SCIENCE is a integration of a variety of web efforts. It gives brief information and an outline to initiate the study of this interesting pertinent area of study. Included are a number of Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] related to foods. copyright dedecms

Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health College of Public Health and Human Sciences Oregon State University

The interview with Dr. Zondagh can be found at ( This web site was initiated before in the Department of Foods and Nutrition, Oregon State University by this webber [ZoeAnn Holmes]. It started using Mosaic, a old internet program, that permitted the input of assignments, questions, comments and terms used in the beginning foods classes and experimental foods here at Oregon State University. At that time I became aware that there was little foods-related information or links to various foods companies which were beginning to have web sites posted in journals and magazines. As a land-grant institution, it seemed that this information should be part of an outreach program of information available. At that time, the initiation of the web was available at Oregon State University and the Food Resource was started with links and information. The oldest web page available was in . Since that time there was been a lot of interations of this site. Now that this webber has retired, the major portions of the site has been archived to minimize any link rot but make information available of possible use for other researchers. copyright dedecms

The food glossary has been added to and expanded since the early days of Mosaic. It is made up of the webbers common knowledge; but, in a large part, it comes from a variety of resources to furnish a relative comprehensive dictionary or glossary related to foods or related interests. When definitions were obtained from someone elses intellectual efforts, it is documented so users can go to the original document. copyright dedecms

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