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HCG Drops

(MDA)(MDA) A new diet that both promises rapid weight loss has seen its popularity surge in recent months. The HCG diet is seen by many in the medical field as simply the next fraudulent weight loss effort pushed by diet marketers.


There is little to no evidence that HCG is in any way effective for dieting or weight loss, says Elizah Miller, who works for the FDA. While we have yet to show any reason why HCG may be considered dangerous, suppliers should at least be seen as committing economic fraud, she says.


Yet HCG dieters stunning results continue to pour in. As these results make waves on and offline, both the demand and media frenzy around HCG continue to rise.


Its difficult to know how to respond to the medical establishment when the results are apparent, says Valerie Arrinde, who continues to maintain her new weight with HCG Drops. Ms. Arrinde, a -year-old Floridian claims to have lost pounds in less than five weeks with HCG Ultra Diet, a popular HCG drops manucturer already in business since . 内容来自dedecms

I do understand doctors being concerned about people eating too few calories. But to claim the HCG diet doesnt work is just preposterous. Too many people personally know of dieters like me whove had amazing success with HCG, so to try and talk down the diet by claiming it doesnt work seems foolish., she added.


Meanwhile the medical community remains divided on this weight loss approach: a system that combines the injection of a pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin, and the adoption of a severely strict a day calorie diet. While many members of the community question both medical practitioners who supply HCG injections and over-the-counter HCG drops suppliers, there is the other side of the community that is requesting further examination and study before completely writing off the ddish diet.


In ct med television personality Dr. Oz recently looked into the HCG diet during his hour long show. 织梦好,好织梦

By researching HCG we might find new ways to help millions of people, he said. And, for that reason, I think continued research of HCG is worth investigating.

copyright dedecms

The history of the application of HCG as a dietary trigger can be referenced as r back as the s, when an endocrinologist from Great Britain began introducing the hormone to his patients in order to aid their efforts to ward off tty tissues in troublesome areas.

Medical researchers at the time were unable to conclude whether it was the hormone or caloric reduction that stimulated the results, and eventually dieters began to look elsewhere for a r approach to weight loss. 内容来自dedecms

The recent revival of HCG as a dietary supplement is not exactly clear to the medical community, yet the media hype and stunning testimonials from patients claiming exorbitant weight loss have forced the FDA to respond. 织梦好,好织梦

Through a written statement the FDA addressed the ct that though the HCG diet itself is not particularly dangerous, sale of such products touting dramatic results should be seen as deceptive due to the lack of conclusive evidence through medical testing. 本文来自织梦

Nonetheless, many medical practitioners around the country continue to provide patients with prescriptions or injections. An astounding number of dieters are giving HCG a go, and claims of severe weight loss continue to surprise both doctors and fellow dieters.


Although there exist many success stories for established and reputable HCG diet drops manucturers, says Dr. James C. Olman, we cannot say with confidence if this is only due to the low calorie intake or because of the HCG drops.

As HCG dieters positive results continue to pour in from all corners of the country, medical practitioners struggle to respond to individuals curious about the HCG diet. Many dieters remain on the fence, holding out for conclusive testing results. No major studies were under way as this story went to press. copyright dedecms

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HCG (wikipedia

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