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City Foods

The new store will allow us the room to grow our inventory so we can provide the community with more quality foods and products.

copyright dedecms

Thanks to your responses to our first survey, we now have red quinoa in the store! FoodsPlease continue to give us your input by filling out our New Product Survey! Even more new options to choose from! 本文来自织梦

City Foods is now located at Main St in downtown Layette.


This picture says it all: asparagus; spring garlic (tastes like garlic, looks like a green onion); kale; green onions; rhubarb; and spinach. All chemical-free (some certified org.), and about miles away or less!Come into the store, and feast your eyes upon the cute little rooties in the water awww :)(Thanks for the shot and the framing to a great store volunteer Jennifer Lund.) 织梦好,好织梦

The Co-Op does not sell raw milk, you can only get it by purchasing a herd share. Please click here for more information.


City Foods is a food co-op in Tippecanoe County. Thanks to contributions from this community and our local rmers, were proud to offer a growing line of Indiana products. Our store is open to the public, not just City Foods Members! Learn more about our values and our mission. Then, show your support and help us grow our store and community by becoming a member. 内容来自dedecms

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