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CHINA Mark Foods Co

CHINA MARK, an agricultural industrialization enterprise, revitalizes to arrive to new level depending on its long term professional accumulation. To bring green and health to clients all over the world as it says Nutritional Supplement from China, from CHINA MARK! 本文来自织梦

CHINA MARK insists on the core value of Integrity prioritized, People oriented, Innovated driving, Credit assuring. From the hardware aspect, CHINA MARK has modern workshop, advanced production, comprehensive inspection cilities and mature technique support. From the software aspect, CHINA MARK gathers top research and managing specialists to guarantee customers quality demand, and offers stable development platform for all the workers. As a consequence, with the predominance of Timing, Location and People, CHINA MARK has the confidence to be a leader of outstanding suppliers in Chinese agricultural industry. 内容来自dedecms

China Mark Foods Co., Ltd wasCHINA Mark Foods Co established in 2009. It is a comprehensive enterprise which deals with processing, manucturing, and exporting various agricultural products. The ctory of CHINA MARK is located in the industrial park of Guoyang County, Anhui province, which has an area of 26,600 square meters. Its annual producing and exporting ability of products is more than 5,000 tons. The main products include all kinds of dehydrated vegetable, healthy foods, local vegetable, mushrooms, condiment etc. All the qualified products are mainly being exported to Japan, Russia, European and American countries.


CHINA MARK implements the business model named FOUR in ONE which means that one healthy and safe product is generated from four key elements which are strict management, qualified material, contracted rmers and standardized production. CHINA MARK monitors the quality from the raw materials at field until the processed products ready to be served at table. Making sure that customers will get genuine, safe and healthy food is the main purpose of CHINA MARK.

copyright dedecms

The location of CHINA MARK has advantages of sustainable supplement of raw materials, stable guarantee of energy resource and affluent labor storage. These strategic advantages supply powerful support and guarantee for competitive forces of CHINA MARK brand, as well as the continuous development of the company.

copyright dedecms

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