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Star Apps Wiz Khali?Arts

Having the Wiz Khali day in Pittsburgh was really important to me, just being from there. I know that a lot of work went in to that happen. Its just special to know that I have people out there batting for me, for different causes, not just for my music and being on TV, but really trying to make my legacy something outstanding. So Im really appreciative for that stuff, too. 内容来自dedecms

We Dem Boyz official video:


Nobody beats the Wiz.

Its really everybody, and thats a good thing. I wanted to have a song that creates that sense of involvement and knowing that youre accepted, and theres a group of you, and youre not just by yourself. With a song like We Dem Boyz, it invites everyone to the party.

copyright dedecms

Youve released multiple mixtapes since s Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania, including s Grams. Why does an established artist continue to issue mixtapes ween album releases?

Your new single is called We Dem Boyz. Who are these boys?

copyright dedecms

Josh RotterJosh Rotter is a staff writer for Download

Billboard was really cool, because that was a new artist award, and that wasnt even of a particular genre. Anything like that Im cool with. Just being recognized for a wave, I like that.

copyright dedecms

TheThe hip-hop leader keeps his followers under the influence with his current tour and new album Blacc Hollywood.


Everybodys gonna be f---ed up on good drugs. Not the hard stuff. A little bit of mushrooms is cool. Im not gonna knock that. A little bit of shrooms -- aint nothing wrong with that -- and great music. Everyone thats performing, from Ty Dollar Sign to Mack Wilds to Rich Homie Quan to Young Jeezy, they all have catalogs and ns who not only enjoy our music, but also enjoy having a good time.


You kick off your debut album, Show and Prove, proclaiming that youre about to make history. Looking back, do you feel like you have yet? 织梦内容管理系统

[Laughs] The difference ween a Taylor Gang n and a Kanye n is that they dont want to kill themselves. Its more involvement with who you are as a person, and not what you have. Thats more the Taylor way. 织梦好,好织梦

From Ice-T and Chuck D in the s to Tupac and Nas in the s, every decade has its hip-hop prophets and beloved lyricists who interpret the signs of their time in inspired verses. The s belonged to Wiz Khali. I chatted with the rapper about his new album, Blacc Hollywood, and lead single We Dem Boyz, as well as his Under the Influence of Music tour, thoughts on Kanye West ns, and vorite apps.

copyright dedecms

On an album like Blacc Hollywood, were focusing on a complete project thats going to be around for years and years and years and make people happy and let them know where were at, at a certain point in time when Im this project. I want the hits; I want to make big songs that speak to people around the world, songs that turn into videos that later turn into mini movies and lifestyle s---. There is a lot of thought process that goes into albums. 织梦内容管理系统

Youve received a lot of acclaim in your career, from multiple awards to your own day in your home city of Pittsburgh. Which is the most meaningful to you?

You call your ns the Taylor Gang. What makes a Taylor Gang member as opposed to a Cent or Kanye n? 织梦好,好织梦

Grams is more fun. Its not thinking about a radio song or a hit or any pressure. Its whatever makes sense at that time and putting it all together at the end of the process. Thats just the culture that I come from, and when youre a part of something like the mixtape culture or anything that has to do with art or creating, you always have to re-create. Thats our jobs as professional recording artists -- to keep things fun and re-create and do things differently, so kids can get inspired and then come up with new ways to do it as well. copyright dedecms

Then there are kids who come up to me and tell me how important my music is and was to them at different stages in their lives. I sit down and talk to them and listen to their stories. I ask them what their name is. That means a lot to me, too. It means more than an award, because it lets me know that what Im doing is for the right reason and reaching the right people.


I feel like Ive made history and am continuing to make history, because we have the opportunity to just do this forever, and Im gonna take that. As r as what Ive done so r, its opened up a lot of doors and a lot of minds to let people know that you can be whatever you wanna be creatively or business-wise. You dont have to settle for what is the norm. I dont think people have had anyone come and tell them that in a really long time, and really stand by that. I live for that s---. I go to jail for that s---. I tweet about it, talk about it, and raise my kid by it. People can see it, so they know its real. So thats the movement.

copyright dedecms

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