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England History Timeline

Important English people, dates and events

Roman Invasion - Boadicea and the Iceni

The Kings of England and the Norman Invasion 织梦内容管理系统

When the Magna Carta was signed


The Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War


- Emperor Hadrian orders the building of Hadrians wall on the Border ween Scotland and England 织梦内容管理系统

- The Dark Ages are dominated by increasing English trade links with the continent and raids from the German Saxons and the Vikings. The English inhabitants were referred to as the Anglo-Saxons and ruled by different tribes and rulers


- The Battle of Hastings - William, Duke of Normandy crowned King of England (William I). Between - the Norman line rule the English

- The reign of King William Rufus (son of William). William invades Wales and builds castles on the borders

- - The Plantagenet Kings of England (Angevin Line). - The reign of King Henry II (grandson of Henry I) copyright dedecms

Third Crusade. Saladin manages to unite the Muslim world and recapture Jerusalem, sparking the Third Crusade 本文来自织梦

Provisions of Oxford forced upon Henry III of England, establishing a new form of government limited regal authority 织梦好,好织梦

The Knights Templar are rounded up and murdered by Philip the Fair of France, with the backing of the Pope 内容来自dedecms

The Black Death ravages Europe for the first of many times. An estimated one third of the population is thought to have perished within the first year


John of Gaunt dies and King Richard seized his lands. Gaunts son, Henry Bolingbroke invaded England, whilst Richard was on campaign in Ireland, usurping the throne from the king

October: King Richard II was condemned as a tyrant. He renounced the crown and Henry IV was proclaimed King the next day 织梦内容管理系统

- The reign of King Henry IV (grandson of Edward III, son of John of Gaunt) Henry IV died suffering from leprosy and epilepsy

Joan of Arc lifts the siege of Orleans for the Dauphin of France, enabling him to eventually be crowned at Reims


- The reign of King Edward IV ( youngest son of Edward III). Edward IV was a notorious womaniser - his afirs led to claims of illegitimacy and ultimately led to the murder of his sons - the Princes in the Tower


August nd: A Lancastrian rebellion rose against the Yorkist Richard and on he fell in the Battle of Bosworth Field to Henry Tudor. The Wars of the Roses ends and the Tudor dynasty begins - - The Tudors


- Henry Tudor becomes King Henry VII (grandson of Henry V)

copyright dedecms

He cemented his succession and settled the friction ween the Yorkists and Lancastrians by marrying the Yorkist heir, Elizah of York copyright dedecms

Lambert Simnel () imposter and pretender to the English throne was defeated at the battle of Stoke 织梦好,好织梦

Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be one of the Princes in the Tower (Richard) was interrogated and executed at the Tower of London


Henry VIII broke with the Church in Rome with the Act of Supremacy, which made the king head of the Church of England

Sir Thomas Moore and Bishop Fisher of Rochester were executed for refusing to acknowledge Henry VIII as head of the English Church

copyright dedecms

Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves but the marriage is annulled. On July th year old Henry married year old Catherine Howard 内容来自dedecms

Monday July: Lady Jane Grey (Queen for just Nine Days) on th July Queen Jane was deposed as Queen


- Mary (Henrys daughter by Queen Katherine of Aragon) becomes Queen. She is referred to as Bloody Mary for her persecution of Protestants and political rivals


The Catholic James was deposed and replaced by by his Protestant daughter and son-in-law, Mary II and William III, who became joint Sovereigns


- William and Mary - William of Orange (grandson of Charles I) and Mary (daughter of James II) 织梦内容管理系统

Battle of Boyne The deposed James made one attempt to regain the crown, but his French and Irish forces were soundly defeated at the Battle of Boyne 内容来自dedecms

Edward VIII (son of George V) The abdication of King Edward VIII following his afir with Wallis Simpson copyright dedecms

The History Timeline of Places, including the England History Timeline, provides st cts and information about this mous place with its history and the most important events of the country detailed together with related historical events which arranged in chronological, or date, order providing an actual sequence of events in the England History Timeline. The England History Timeline provides st information via this time line which highlights the key dates and events of the mous place in a st information format with concise and accurate cts and information in the order of their occurrence. The England History Timeline includes a chronology of this important place and its history. Specific information can be seen at a glance with concise and accurate details via the England History Timeline. This History timeline of a mous place is suitable for children and kids and include many important events of significant occurrence and outcome which are detailed in the England History Timeline. 织梦好,好织梦

England History Timeline 内容来自dedecms

Timeline for children and kids - England History Timeline - Chronology - Time Line - Free - Chronology - Facts - Interesting - Info - Chronology - Information - Timeline for children and kids - Details - Time Line of England History Timeline - Time Line of Places - Time Line of Events - Important - Accurate - Interesting Facts - Download - Printable Time line - Time Line - Record - Related Events - Chronology - Database - Key Dates - Key Dates - England History Timeline - Time Line - Key Events - Key Places - Historical Importance - Interesting Time Lines - Chronology - Timescale - Chronology - Chronologies - Chronicle - Chronology - Chronicles - Chronological record - Record - Era - Time Lines - Account - Historic period - Past - Time Lines - Past Times - Annals - Background - Ancient - Medieval - Historical Record - Historic Life - Chronolgy - England History Timeline - Written By Linda Alchin

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