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About Art History - Visual Artists From A to Z

This is the place to visit for information on individual male and female artists. In addition to those who created art, youll also find people who influenced, collected, forged, restored and taught or wrote about art and art history, made art possible through their patronage and learn the stories of some key museum curators and founders. copyright dedecms

The twentieth-century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso met the model Germaine Gargallo Florentin Pichot in Paris in when she became the girlfriend of Picassos Catalan friend Carlos or Carles Casagemos. Casagemos committed suicide in February when Germaine spurned his advances and Picasso took up with Germaine when he returned to Paris in May . Germaine married Picassos friend Ramon Pichot in . 织梦好,好织梦

Quotes on art, artists, painting, taboo subjects, and more from the inventor of Color Field Painting, Helen Frankenthaler (-).


Ren Magritte (-) dressed like a banker, painted at his dining room table, and had little to say about himself; he preferred to let his work take center stage without commentary. We, however, crave to hear him speak -- we seek glimpses into his mind -- in an attempt to understand his paintings. What precious gems did Magritte drop when he did talk? Read on.小儿故事.小儿喉炎的症状.小儿高血压.


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